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Wednesday, 29th August 2012


The Establishment
Level 3, 252 George Street
Sydney 2000 Australia.

In the post-PC era, organisations are increasingly facing the pressure to choose between serving the needs of the user to be productive, versus IT's needs to preserve the safety of information.

If organisations are able to achieve the right balance of catering to the needs of both the user and IT then great transformations can occur, not only in business and IT but also for individuals productivity.

Hear exciting keynote updates to the EMC Information Intelligence Group strategy, vision and roadmap from John O’Melia, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, EMC Corporation.

There's simply never been a more exciting time for intelligent information management. We see incredible efficiency and value in the cloud and new opportunities with big data.

Learn of the latest solutions for business transformation including OnDemand content management offerings, enhanced Documentum and more offerings that will help maximise the value of information in your business.

Take the opportunity to build your professional network and connect with the industry expertise at this event.

Who Should Attend

A wide variety of individuals will benefit from attending this event including application developers, consultants, project managers, executives, e-business directors, Web developers, engineers, IT professionals, system administrators, line-of-business managers, and end users.

What to Expect at the Event

Solution sessions from EMC and EMC Partners

Networking with EMC Executives and Worldwide Senior Product Management Team

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